Andrew Pardue, BS, CSCS. CISSN

"I got in contact with Andrew looking to compete in one regional show as my first bikini body building competition. By the time we'd finished working together on this prep I'd won champion at regionals, placed highly at nationals and even competed internationally! I really appreciated how responsive Andrew was, he always took my concerns or questions into account and addressed them with as much detail as he could. Andrew is extremely easy to liaise with, and all in all, with his workouts and nutrition coaching I actually thoroughly enjoy what turned out to be my 6 months on prep; not something everyone can say! Following my own correspondence with Andrew, my partner also went through a prep with him, winning his class and looking fantastic at his first show. I would definitely recommend getting in touch with Andrew if you're looking for coaching towards success"

-Alice Ham, New Zealand Regional Bikini Champion

As a natural bodybuilder I was always trying to beat myself. I spent three years at a top level competing in the southern portion of the USA. As each year passed bye and looking at my photos I was constantly reminded that I kept bringing the same physique to the stage. Constant question my training and diet I was at my end. I began researching different coaching and coaches and the more I looked the more I kept my focus on Andrew Pardue. Andrew and I set a game plan together in the month of January of 2016 and we never looked back. Not only was my physique going places I had no idea was possible with Andrew's coaching but I was able to watch Andrew grow as a coach. He stayed true and focused on his clients and his passion to pursue his dreams. I watched him grow with a world renowned supplement company and graduate top in his class from college. If you are looking for true knowledge and someone who is passionate about what information they supply you with, along with a opportunity to take your physique to levels that can't be humanly possible I honestly recommend you get in touch with Andrew immediately.
-Mark Ray, IFPA Pro Bodybuilder


Andrew Pardue

Soon after starting college, I began an extended offseason, which marked the beginning of my interest in researching and learning the most optimal, scientifically-backed diet and training strategies to maximize my physique development. I slowly got the coaching bug and began to apply the knowledge learned from various coaches with the education I received from the University of North Carolina Willmington, to help both competitive physique athletes and non-competitors to maximize results in their physiques and health. Strategies based in science, with a focus on balance and personalization, lead my decisions to help clients not only maximize their results, but also their enjoyment of the process. 

In terms of formal education, I graduated Cum Laude in 2016 with a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science with minors in Chemistry and Entrepreneurship from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. I also had the opportunity to perform a 13-month case study on the effects of long-term dieting in natural bodybuilders during contest prep, which has furthered my understanding of the most ideal strategies to help not only improve diet efficiency but better maintain general health while dieting. Earning my Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCS) through the NSCA and Certified Sports Nutritionist from the International Society of Sports Nutrition (CISSN) degree from the ISSN has helped further my continued, formal education behind effective training and nutrition strategies. 

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The real progress for physique competitors is made in the offseason. APFitness helps athletes optimize their training, nutrition and lifestyle strategies to ensure progress is as efficient and enjoyable as possible along the way.

Andrew pardue

Contest Prep Coach & Online Personal Trainer

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